Hardie Fencing Interlock System

The HardieFence fence system consists of sheets partially buried into the ground with the top of the sheets finished off with a metal capping. The system is suited for flat or sloped sites.

Hardie Fencing is well suited for sandy soil on either sloping or flat sites or level residential sites, in Western Australia where a durable, freestanding fence is required.

HardieFence sheet has an overlap on one edge, and an underlap (or smaller corrugation) on the other edge to enable seamless interlocking.

This gives a consistent look on either side of the fence, and keeps neighbours happy. To add to this, it’s postless, and there are no protruding bolts, sharp edges or nails. It can also be site-painted in a full range of exterior paint colours.

Secure and Easy To Install

There is no need to dig post holes and wait for concrete footings to cure, making installation fast.

HardieFence EasyLock system is designed to be buried into sandy soils, eliminating gaps below the
fence on both level and sloping sites.

This provides a barrier to weeds growing under the fence and is a great benefit when trying to keep even the most enthusiastic dog from getting out. HardieFence EasyLock system is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.

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